My name is Alan Corbo. I am a professional English into Spanish translator, not just by experience, but also by formal training. This sets me apart from other individual language service providers in the market, some of whom have acquired their translation skills in informal, not academic, settings. 


I earned a  college degree in translation  from Uruguay's State University. Uruguay is one of the few countries in South America that offers a translation-specific degree. The courses include Linguistics, Spanish Grammar, Translation Theory, and Law. I also hold the Certificate of Proficiency in Englishissued by University of Cambridge, UK, which attests to my fluency in English.

In addition, I am Certified Member of the American Translators Association (ATA), and a  Certified PRO Member at ProZ.com. Click here for scanned copies of my degree and certificates.

I have translated well over 2,000,000 words  into Spanish during the past 5 years, and I pride myself in an excellent rate of client retention, which is proof of the professionalism, dedication and responsibility with which I undertake every single translation project entrusted to me.

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A member of the American Translators Association


What clients say

"Alan has worked for us as a freelance English > Spanish translator since 2008. In that time has worked on over 500 projects for us. Alan has always been a reliable translator who meets his deadlines and returns high quality work. He is one of our top choices for English > Spanish translation work."

     - Geotext Translations

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